Freshdesk - Instagram Integration

Installation, configuration and use instructions

You can install the app into your Freshdesk account from Freshworks Marketplace under your Freshdesk admin account


  • You will need to have a Facebook page connected to an Instagram Business Account.
  • Your Instagram Business Account should have at least 1 published post.


1. Go to your Page’s Settings and click Instagram, then log into your Instagram account

facebook page settings


2. If the account is not an Instagram Business Account, you will be prompted to set up your Business Profile. Continue through the steps to convert the account to an Instagram Business Account. When you are done, you will have successfully connected the Page to the Instagram Business Account.

Instagram Business Account


Once you click the Install button, you will be redirected to Facebook and asked to approve the required permissions as on the screenshots below. Once you approve all required permissions, you will be redirected back to the app’s installation page.

At this step you might see a blank page. Do not worry, simply click the “Go to previous page” (back arrow) button in your web browser and try again.


4.1 Freshdesk Settings

First, you will need to configure the Freshdesk settings by filling in the two required input fields:

  • Domain – your Freshdesk account’s default domain, most commonly in the following format: Please, do not insert any protocol identifiers (https:// or http://)
  • API Key – your account API Key. How to find your API key

Once done, you will be able to configure permissions in order to 1) limit agent access to the app, and 2) select required and custom fields values to be used for Freshdesk tickets created on the app.

4.2 Permissions

There are two ways to limit agent access to the Instagram app: specifying agent emails, and specifying groups allowed to access the app.

If you don’t want to limit agent access to the app, choose ”None”. If an agent email has not been specified on the installation page or his/her group is not allowed to access the app, the following messages will be displayed:

4.3 Ticket Fields Configuration

Required Fields

In this section, you will need to configure default values required for creating new tickets with your Freshdesk account:


Custom Fields
You can setup any custom non-required fields too:


Please note: if you make any changes to Freshdesk ticket fields in Admin settings, this might require an update to the Ticket Fields Configuration section afterwards, to keep the app functioning properly.

4.4 Facebook Settings

In this section, you can select any Facebook Pages connected to Instagram Business Accounts which your Facebook Profile has access to. You will also be able to add more Facebook Pages or remove them after installation.

4.5 Default Account

This property allows for specification of the first account loaded when the Full Page app instance of the Instagram app is launched.


Debug mode
Enable this property if you face any issues.

Wipe Database

If something has gone completely wrong with the Freshdesk Instagram app, clicking this button will allow you to continue using it immediately. However, only the last 12 posts / selected account will be available after the first time import.


Once installed, it may take several minutes for the app’s icon to appear on the left menu bar in Freshdesk. During this time, feel free to visit different pages, like tickets or anywhere else you may want to get something done.

Please note that only a single Full Page app can be enabled for a single Freshdesk account. This means that if you have any other marketplace or custom full page app enabled, the Instagram app’s icon will not appear on the left sidebar menu.

First Import

When you launch the app for the first time, the first data import will occur. For each selected account, data from the 12 latest posts will be saved in the app’s database:

Upon completion, you will see the app’s interface:


Full Page App

This is the primary Instagram Integration app’s interface. It allows agents to select an Instagram account to work with, check for updates, browse and manage comments.


Instagram account selection

When the full page app is launched, the default Instagram account (selected on the app’s installation page) is loaded. To choose a different one, simply click the following selector on the top of the navigation section of the app.


Instagram Menu

Here you are able to select a post to work with simply by clicking a relevant Instagram post’s thumbnail.


Post a comment

In the new version of the Instagram Integration app, you are able to create new comments the same way as you could create replies to comments in previous version.



You can filter comments by time or by text. When filtered by text, the matched symbols will be highlighted. It is possible to filter by comment text and comment author usernames too. If there is a match by time or text found in either a comment or reply, the whole comment’s discussion branch/thread will be displayed, in order to see the context of the matched message.




When a comment/reply is hovered over by mouse, two action buttons appear next to it:

1. Reply to a comment/reply

2. Create a new ticket based on a comment/reply


Reply to a comment/Reply button

When clicked, a text box will appear with two buttons next to it: “Send reply” or “Cancel”. The username of the author of the comment/reply you are replying to will be inserted automatically into the text box. It is possible to reply to both comments and replies. Once the “Send reply” button is clicked, the following will happen:

1. A reply will be posted.

2. Applied filters will be reset.


Create a new ticket based on a comment/reply

Once the “Create new ticket based on a comment/reply” is clicked, the following will happen:

1. A new comment-based ticket will be created.

2. A note with contents “Created new ticket №1234” will appear, and the number will be a clickable link to this created ticket.


Comment-based tickets

Creating a comment-based ticket allows agents to escalate a question/incident/feedback and handle/resolve it later. Each created ticket is based on an Instagram comment or reply. The description of the ticket contains the Instagram post’s thumbnail image and its description on the left. On the right, there is either the comment text or the whole comment branch/thread, if the ticket is based on a reply to some comment. The reply-reason of the ticket is highlighted in bold.

The Instagram Integration app instance is located on the right sidebar under Contact Details.

If a ticket is relevant to an Instagram post (= was created using the integration app) and the agent has required permissions (configured during installation), then the “Show comments” button will be active. Otherwise, it will be disabled. If the related Instagram account was removed from the app, then this button will be disabled too.

Clicking this button opens a modal page on the right of a web browser.

Everything is similar to the Full Page app instance comments management section of the app with only two differences:

1. The comment/reply the ticket was based on will be highlighted in the same light-blue color as the ticket description has, so that the agent is able to see what comment/reply the ticket is based on.


2. All new comments and replies created by agents using the integration app on a particular ticket page will be:

– saved as private notes to that ticket

– highlighted in the same yellow color (in the modal window) as the private notes have.

You will need to refresh the webpage in order to see the notes on the ticket page.

Notes will look like they were created by the agent whose API key was used during app installation. However, the proper author of comments or replies will be mentioned in the note.

If a reply to a comment/reply was created, the whole discussion branch/thread will be mentioned, and the reply itself will be highlighted in bold.

Instagram-related comment-based tickets created using previous versions of the app will still be supported by the ticket page instance of the Integration app for comment management purposes. The only requirement is that the ticket be relevant to an Instagram post belonging to at least one of the selected Instagram accounts. However, it takes more time to load comments.


The term “Updates” means new Instagram posts and new activity under Instagram posts (new comments or replies). When a new “update” is found, the relevant Instagram post’s thumbnail will be marked with a green border.

There are two ways to check for updates:

1. Manually, by clicking the “Check for Updates” button in the Full Page instance of the app.

2. Automatically, by the app itself every 5 minutes.



“Check for Updates” checks all connected Instagram accounts at once. However, in order to keep within Freshdesk and Facebook API calls load limitations, a special rule is applied: a single “Check for updates” event can be executed only once per 1 minute.


Due to Freshdesk limitations related to serverless event execution times, the serverless check for updates works the following way:

1. The event is called once every 5 minutes. This way, if you have 2 Instagram accounts, then it will take 10 minutes to check all connected accounts, and it will take 25 minutes to check 5 connected Instagram accounts (number of accounts * 5 minutes).

2. Only a single Instagram account is checked for updates during a single serverless check for updates on process execution.

3. Only the last 100 Instagram posts are checked for new posts/comments/replies.

8. FAQ

Does your app support Direct Messages?

No, because unfortunately, there are no legal ways to implement this right now. This feature is highly demanded by customers and we are looking forward to Facebook updating its Graph API to support Direct Messages in Instagram and giving us (developers) the required permissions to add this feature to our Instagram Integration app for Freshdesk.


Does your app have a trial?

If you have a trial account (and the Freshdesk Marketplace team has confirmed it is), none of the paid apps will actually be charged, so you can simply download our Instagram Integration App for Freshdesk into your account and try it out for free. Otherwise, if you don’t have a trial account, there are no options available (but you can always create a new Freshdesk account for testing purposes).


Does your app support having multiple Facebook Accounts connected at the same time?

Yes! See the instructions above.


I have several Facebook pages connected to my Facebook account. Will I be able to select what Facebook page should be connected to the Instagram Integration app?

Yes! This is the first step of the Instagram Integration app installation process.


I have another question. Where should I address it?

For answers to any further questions, please contact