Instagram Integration for Freshdesk

Support your Instagram customers straight from Freshdesk. Stay on top of communication with your customers on Instagram without leaving Freshdesk. With our app your agents get powerful tools to search, filter, automate and create support tickets from comments, so you never miss a single customer interaction.
Install the app from Freshdesk Marketplace

Connect several Instagram Business accounts with Freshdesk to handle all comments and replies in one place.

The app collects recent Instagram posts and tracks new activity, such as comments and replies. You can then filter them by time/date or content, and comment or reply right from the app. If needed, agents can also create separate tickets from particular comments, assign them to other agents, and let your team collaborate to deliver replies.

The app automatically checks for updates and highlights thumbnails of Instagram posts when new comments or replies are found on them, so you can be sure not to miss anything your customers and followers are writing.

Create new tickets with Instagram posts

The application checks for new posts on Instagram and creates Freshdesk tickets if there are any. You will then be able to review and respond to any comments on the posts right from these entries. You'll also get the usernames and date & time stamps of the comments.

Search & manage all your comments

The application allows you to simplify working with comments by searching and filtering them by timestamp or content.


Reply to comments straight from Freshdesk

Never leave Freshdesk to answer comments to your Instagram posts, saving you time and letting you focus! Your answer will be posted on Instagram and stored as a comment in the ticket so your colleagues can stay aware of it.

Separate tickets for extra important comments

If comments deserve special attention, or if the agents require internal help to reply, you can create new tickets from them and assign them to different agents or groups — just like with any other tickets in Freshdesk. For instance, you can create a new ticket to assign a comment with a pricing or availability question to your sales group.

Stay in the loop and never miss an important comment on your Instagram Business account!

App fees are charged per Freshdesk account per month (i.e. the monthly price is not dependent on the amount of agents or Instagram accounts).
Instagram App
/ month
Payment via credit card or bank transfer.
Marketplace Apps are available for Freshdesk subscriptions from Blossom plan and above.
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