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The world is rapidly digitalizing, and business cannot trail behind the ever-mobile, ever-demanding customers.

By using our expertise in enhancing your customer support, you'll say goodbye to obsolete and manual tools that drag your performance down.

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Did you know?


is the year when customer experience overtakes price and product as the key brand differentiator.

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of customers would pay up to 25% more to get a better customer service experience.

These numbers underline the value of good customer service for your business results. That is because your customers truly are the core of your business. We at Swedbyte have been helping companies of different size and from different verticals to enhance their customer service by leveraging three key components:

1. Right mindset
2. Right processes
3. Right tools


of customers would pay more for products or services from a company with good customer service.


of customers prefer talking to a live person than to a bot or IVR.


of customers are satisfied with current consistent experience across all of the channels they use.


of customers want you to know their previous interactions, greet them by name, and know their purchase history.

What we can do for you

We can help you boost your customer satisfaction and brand loyalty by streamlining your customer service processes, automating support routines, and enabling teams' collaboration.
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    Customer Service Audit

    We provide a deep-dive discovery workshop in order to get insights on your current customer service performance, identify bottlenecks and areas for growth.

  • 2

    Implementation, Maintenance & Support

    Focus on your customers - we will help you with implementing the right tool for it, basing on best practices and industry standards. Quickly, smoothly and cost-efficiently.

  • 3

    Agent and Supervisor Training

    Our certified specialists will help you with training your support agents to ensure everyone uses all available tools to delight the customers from day one.

  • 4

    Custom Development

    Our team of developers can help you integrate your helpdesk solution with other software - in-house or cloud-based - and create custom apps tailored to your needs.

Why Swedbyte

Swedbyte is Freshworks preferred certified partner since 2014. Over these years we have helped hundreds of companies of different industry and size to start delighting their customers with best-in-class customer service.
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Our own experience and knowledge from numerous projects related to customer service is backed up by the industry expertise of one of the leading software vendors in that area.

Best-in-class solutions

Knowing the competitive landscape in the area of cloud helpdesk solutions, we offer our customers the best tools that provide great value for money and that can cover the needs of most demanding customer support teams.

One-stop shop

We can provide you with the complete set of tools and services required to lift your customer service to the next level. Help-desk, service-desk, online chat and other solutions are coming together with packaged implementation services, integrations, customizations and training.

Global outreach

Having local presence on several markets, and also being part of a global community of Freshworks certified partners, we can engage with your customer support team on a global scale.

Are you looking to move from clunky email support to a modern helpdesk solution?

Here's what businesses are seeking today from a solution that should help them stay on top of all the customer communications.

Omni-Channel & Ticketing

Email, web forms, social media, online chat, messengers and in-app messages - all communication channels in one intuitive solution to enable teams to collaborate and resolve issues faster.

Self-Service Options

Reduce the volume of tickets across all channels with the help of online customer portal. Self service helps your customers quickly find answers to frequent questions saving your agent time.

Real Time Analytics & Reporting

Analyse data and agent performance to drive support optimizations and upgrade both customers and employees satisfaction levels.

Maximum Automation

Customer support involves a number of repetitive tasks that take up valuable time. You have to ensure that your agents are empowered to put their time to the best use by setting up automations to take care of repetitive actions.

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