Freshchat is a modern messaging software for teams who want to ace customer conversations—marketing, sales, or support.

Swedbyte is Freshworks preferred certified partner since 2014 and we can help you start turning visitors into leads and customers into engaged users today.


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Messaging solution for every stage of the customer journey

Turn your website into a working conversion machine

Triggered Messages

Drive visitors to sign up for your product, check out items added to the cart, subscribe to your newsletter, and more.

Email Campaigns

With Freshchat you can schedule email campaigns to drive signups or purchase with prospects - based on actions they take on your website, product, or app.

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Visitor Intel

Know who your visitors are, their navigation path, behavior on your site to make conversations that resonate.


Freshchat provides bots that kick in to generate and qualify leads for your team with customized workflows designed to meet your goals.

A vast number of companies have started using Freshchat with Swedbyte's help

We can help you implement Freshchat for your sales, marketing or support needs, and get you up and running quickly, steadily, and smoothly.
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We carry out implementation projects for your team to start the work in Freshchat seamlessly.


We provide user and admin training to ensure your smooth transition to the website messaging solution.

Local billing

Instead of card payments, we will be happy to arrange an invoice payment (bank transfer) in your local currency at no extra costs.


Our dev team can help you integrate Freshchat with your inhouse solutions or other cloud products that you use.