Collaborate seamlessly in real-time

There is no workplace without documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and the need to work as a team.

With our help this process will seamlessly become a whole lot more productive.

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Did you know?

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of professionals lose time every week due to unnecessary or cancelled meetings

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of global workers say they perform best in collaboration with others.

Due to the growing importance of collaboration, leading
organizations are taking steps to reward group efforts and encourage communication and coordination across teams.

However, efficient collaboration is impossible with clunky and outdated tools. We can help you build a flexible and collaborative workspace so your team achieves:

1. Higher productivity
2. Stronger results
3. Improved employee satisfaction


say navigating through different systems and locations to verify the most current versions of documents negatively affects productivity


have avoided sharing a document with a colleague because it would take too long to find


say lack of communication is the most common source of conflict with other departments or teams


of global employees think teamwork is more valuable and successful than individual work

How can we help?

We can build collaborative workspace for you, so you can focus on delivering your products or services instead of wasting time on organizing and maintaining infrastructure.
  • 1

    Collaboration Audit

    We analyze how your employees collaborate and the challenges they currently face in their everyday work.

  • 2

    Implementation, Assistance & Support

    We setup your collaboration environment, which includes working with documents, file storage, and more.

  • 3

    Team Training

    We help your team relax into the new environment and master their new collaborative tools.

  • 4

    Custom Development

    Collaboration does not end with documents, storage or tasks - our team of developers will create custom solutions which integrate your other tools into the new infrastructure, or build extensions to tweak the tools to meet your exact specifications.

Why Swedbyte

Swedbyte has been partner with Google since 2011 and has helped hundreds of companies of all sizes to 'go Google,' boosting their internal and external collaboration with help of G Suite: a set of cloud services and tools that streamline your working processes and maintain connectivity wherever your employees may be.
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Our certified specialists have wide experience from running G Suite implementation, migration, and onboarding projects of different scales based on Google's recommended methodologies and best practices. Go Google with the help of our expert teams!

Best-in-class apps and solutions

We only offer the most effective tools which have proven their efficiency for businesses of any size of any composition.

One-stop shop

We can provide you with the complete set of tools and services required to upload your collaborative work to the cloud. Document sharing, spreadsheet collaboration, realtime presentation building, file sharing, and more - we've got it covered.

Global outreach

Having a local presence on several markets, as well as being part of the worldwide community of Google partners, we can engage with your employees on a global scale.

What do we mean about cloud collaboration?

Here's the value collaboration tools bring to your team

Source of Truth

Where has Document_v1_final gone? Or is Document_v1_final_final the up-to-date version instead? With enhanced team collaboration the truth will no longer be lost in countless files and emails.

Faster Response

No more chasing your team down for their input - collaborative tools will ensure you quickly and easily get much needed feedback.


Speed and Flexibility

Modern teams need to be quick and flexible - and this isn't possible without being able to connect and sync from any location and any device.

Context and Clarity

Communicating in context allows you to spend less time searching for information while keeping your conversations relevant.

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