IT Service Management

Modern organizations demand agile IT teams who can respond to rapidly changing business demands.

To keep up with the changing times and become efficient at creating value, IT must transform into an agile, customer-centric innovation hub with efficient processes and service delivery.

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Did you know?

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IT service professionals treat their colleagues as their customers, but only 21% make sure that their expectations are met.

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think that working in IT will get harder over the upcoming years.

Working in IT can be challenging, no matter what your role is. With business scaling and increasing complexity, such things as handling more IT requests, managing assets and changes, new security issues add up to the challenge. By implementing the new approach to ITSM, we can help you:

1. Use your IT resources efficiently
2. Save time and money
3. Prevent issues before they occur


of workers in IT feel like their efforts are undervalued or not recognized.


of IT specialists think that their service actually meets the employee’s expectations.


of time can be saved when using automation and self-service.


could be saved on costs by switching to a cloud ITSM solution.

We can make IT right

With advanced technology and the newest methods, we can move you from an outdated IT service system to a new efficient enviroment where your employees can easily get help whenever they need it.
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    ITSM Audit

    We provide a deep-dive discovery workshop to understand your current IT service processes while identifying the problem areas and challenges your employees face.

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    Implementation, Maintenance & Support

    Based on best practices and modern methodologies, we will reinvent your IT service and introduce a cost-effective, versatile approach to service management.

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    Training and support

    Our certified specialists will help train your IT specialists and the rest of your team to ensure everyone delivers in time and gets help when they need it.

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    Custom Development

    If you are using different tools - in-house or cloud-based - our team of developers can help integrate them into your servicedesk solution and create custom apps tailored to your most specific needs.

Why Swedbyte

Swedbyte has been a Freshworks preferred certified partner since 2014. With Freshservice we have helped various companies to transform their IT service management and brought their interaction with IT team to a new level.
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Our own experience and knowledge in ITSM is backed up by the industry expertise of a leading software vendor.

Best-in-class solution

Nowadays there are many ITSM tools, and we offer our customers the one that has proven its value on the market by providing rich functionality with minimal need for administrative control.

One-stop shop

We provide the complete set of tools and services required to take your IT service desk to the next level. Different solutions come together with packaged implementation services, integrations, customizations, and training.

Global outreach

Having local presence in several markets, as well as being part of the worldwide community of Freshworks certified partners, we can engage with your IT team on a global scale.

Is it time to transform your IT service?

The future of ITSM is already here, and here's what it has to offer:

Ease of use

No more painful processes to get help from IT - our new approach is easy for both business end users and IT agents to adopt.

Powerful Self-Service

You can save 20% per ticket by utilizing a self-service portal - a centre of interaction and knowledge sharing.


Insightful reports

Custom reports will automate their generation and help you both save time and make truly data-driven decisions.

Workflow Automation

The powerful and flexible workflow builder ensures work gets done while avoiding menial tasks and forgotten details.

Recommended Solution

Easy-to-use, simple-to-configure cloud based IT service desk that will modernize your IT and other business functions.

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