Freshworks Customer Service Suite

A modern omnichannel software for outstanding customer service. Powered by generative AI and perfect for conversational support and ticketing.
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The power of AI for customer service

Freddy AI is always there to help customers with easy-to-use self-service capabilities (Freddy Self Service), automate mundane tasks and
assist agents (Freddy Copilot), and deliver meaningful insights for productivity optimization (Freddy Insights).


Freddy Insights gathers performance data and offers you advice on how to improve productivity and tackle possible issues.


Freddy Self Service steps up to reduce agent workload by answering to FAQs and resolving other day-to-day tasks. The best part: it works anytime in any conversation channel.


Talking to customers has never been easier. Communicate via channels that are the most convenient for them, be it Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp or Instagram.


Freddy Copilot provides full customer context to the agents, making AI-powered suggestions and turning to advanced case management system for a smooth resolution of trickier issues.

Automate self-service in every channel

Smart Freshbots powered by Freddy AI work across many channels to help customers find answers to their questions. Freshbots can deflect up to 70% of conversations, allowing your agents time for the most important tasks. Minimized waiting time and increased resolutions - achievable with Freshbots.

Supercharge agent performance

Your agents are now empowered to personalize customer service on the fly, immediately checking all customer interactions in one place. Freddy Copilot, a smart always-on assistant, is there to suggest responses, recommend actions, and summarize events

Allow seamless collaboration between teams

Reaching out to colleagues to ask for help has never been easier. Agents can swiftly resolve tickets together, creating a strong team with transparent accountability and advanced ticketing ensuring they always stay on top of the progress and no important information is lost.

Make smart, data-driven decisions fast.

With the power of generative AI, Freddy Insights provides proactive analysis of performance data, always ready to suggest how to optimize productivity and solve potential issues. Freddy Insights not only provides remediation actions - it also helps their execution.

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