Streamline all your customer conversations, automate repetitive work, and collaborate with other teams.

Swedbyte has been a Freshworks preferred certified partner since 2014, and we have helped hundreds of companies dramatically increase customer satisfaction with best-in-class customer service.

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Everything you need to redefine your customer support

Customers who implement Freshdesk

start experiencing fantastic results from day one.

Omnichannel approach

Use email, chat, phone, websites, or social media to help your customers and collaborate with your colleagues.

Work automation

Automated processes and response templates will eliminate repetitive tasks so you and your teams can keep an eye on what matters.

Data-driven decisions

With customizable dashboards and advanced analytics your decisions will truly be data driven.

Collaboration for faster resolution

Get help on tickets from your teammates or external partners, and work on tickets simultaneously to resolve your customers' issues faster.

Freshdesk in different industries

Freshdesk is the key to high-class client support in many areas of business. Here are some examples:
Your clients need to interact with your business seamlessly and comfortably, not just buy a product and leave. Build your omnichannel support with Freshdesk.
Prevent service outages, manage deliveries and solve customer issues in time.
Boost agent productivity, manage resources according to real-time data and provide support globally.
If your service is important, you should provide around-the-clock proactive client support. Freshdesk is here to help.

Choose the best price plan for you

Prices shown for agent per month, VAT not included
/ month ( $18 / month with monthly plan)
Email and social media ticketing
Knowledge base
Ticket volume trends
Helpdesk in-depth report
SLA management
Work hours scheduling
Apps from Freshworks Marketplace
/ month ($59 / month with monthly plan)
All Growth features
CSAT surveys
Multilingual knowledge base
Custom apps
Automatic ticket assignment
Agent roles
Multiple SLA policies
Custom portal branding
Up to 5 products supported
Customizable analytics
/ month ($95 / month with monthly plan)
All Growth and Pro features
Skill-based ticket assignment
Audit log
Knowledge base approval workflow
Agent shifts
IP whitelisting
Any number of products supported
Assist bot

Still not sure?

WhatsApp and Telegram integrations for Freshdesk

Contact clients via convenient channels with Freshdesk.
  • Instant replies
  • Smart automation
  • Seamless support
  • Ticket prioritization
  • Fast implementation
  • Comfortable interface

Try Freshdesk Customer Service Suite

Freshdesk Customer Service Suite is a revolutionary omnichannel solution powered by generative AI: a great fit for conversational support and self-service.
Learn more about Freshdesk Customer Service Suite
Smart and convenient

Freshdesk Customer Service Suite combines easy-to-use self-service capabilities, agent assistance for mundane tasks and AI-powered workflow analytics.

Fast and seamless

Freshdesk Customer Service Suite allows your agents to collaborate across teams and stay on top of the progress, so that no information is lost.

Great for productivity

Freshdesk Customer Service Suite helps your team focus on important tasks by diverting simple chats and FAQs from clients to its AI-powered chatbots across all popular channels.

Swedbyte can help you streamline your support and satisfy your most demanding customers

Our experience from numerous helpdesk implementation projects for customers of all sizes and industries, multiplied by deep expertise in the area, will take your customer service to the next level.
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Focus on your customers - allow us to help you quickly, smoothly and cost-efficiently implement the right tools for the job.


Our certified specialists will help train your support agents, ensuring adoption proceeds smoothly and productivity increases from day one.

Local billing

Instead of card transfers, we're happy to arrange invoice payments (bank transfer) in your local currency at no extra cost.


Our team of developers will help you integrate Freshdesk with other software - in-house or cloud-based - and create custom apps tailored to your needs.

User stories: the real experience of companies with Freshdesk

The best way to learn more about a product is to see it in practice. Our clients share their real-life stories of adopting and using Frehdesk to change their business for the better.
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How Movavi boosted customer satisfaction by 20% with Freshdesk

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