Power up your sales force
Every superhero needs a reliable sidekick. AI-based lead scoring, powerful communication tools and lots of automations — to help your sales numbers go beyond the sky!
Freshsales combines simple and intuitive interface with a strong automation engine that will allow your sales team to stay focused on communication with your leads without getting distracted on meaningless database work.
Freshsales users can experience increases in team productivity, customer satisfaction and revenue while maintaining affordable feature-based costs. The effects can be astounding!
Your fully automated CRM
that focuses on deals, not spreadsheets
360° customer view
Access customers' social profiles, identify customer touchpoints (website, product, interactions, appointments), and more—from a single screen.
Visual Sales Pipeline
With a single sweep of the eye, locate the deals in each stage of your pipeline. Sort and filter deals to get a better view of your pipeline.
Website and in-app tracking
Which web pages are your prospects visiting? How do they interact with your product? Leverage these insights for smart conversations.
Lead Scoring
Know which sales lead is hot and who's not, using lead scores. Prioritize follow-ups with data-backed insights.
Action-oriented follow-ups
Make calls and send emails to prospects right from the deals dashboard. You don't have to click into each deal to act on it.
Entire conversation history
View all your conversations in one place. Make your next sales call or schedule an appointment from the same interface.
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Payment for Freshsales services is charged directly from your credit card. With us, you can use a contract with Russian or Swedish entity with all the financial documentation provided.
We can implement Freshsales to your business for you. We'll transfer data, integrate it with your infrastructure and train your employees.
During your Freshsales experience, we'll be happy to provide specified tech support, as well as consult you in any additional way.
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