How SkladUSA uses Freshdesk and Freshchat


Key numbers for Freshdesk:

  • 3 years using Freshdesk
  • All tickets get resolved in 24h
  • 1500 tickets/week

Key numbers for Freshchat

  • 1500 chats/week
  • First response time – 3min

Industry: Logistics

Location: Ukraine, Belarus, the US

Previous solutions: email

Favorite features:

  • Knowledge base
  • Freshworks app marketplace
  • Chat integration

Other solutions considered:

  • Zoho Desk
  • Zendesk

About SkladUSA:

SkladUSA is one of the biggest intermediaries for companies from Ukraine and Belarus to conduct sales on foreign markets. The company boasts a warehouse in the US with a full list of storage services such as FBM, FBA, WHM system and return processing.

SkladUSA also offers a full range of order processing services thanks to API integration with marketplaces and online stores. With this integration, all orders are shown in your profile and track numbers are automatically sent to marketplaces.

Who: Georgiy Romanchuk, Head of Support in SkladUSA

Our company works as a medium: we help clients who want to sell their products on international marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon or Etsy. As we have a lot of experience in this field, we know everything about international delivery with such companies as DHL, Fedex, TNT, USPS, APC and Landmark.

After registering in our system, clients can add their products, host them on marketplaces, track delivery statuses and get our help regarding payment and money transfers. We offer full detailed support of international sales for clients from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. 

Why Freshdesk?

Previously we had no support system, all inquiries were sent in through basic Gmail. It certainly posed a number of issues: while there were tasks and questions, there was no tool for processing and solving them. We couldn’t structure work processes or track task implementation.

One of the typical issues was ticket loss: if a message was opened, but now answered and not marked as unread, it got lost. Having no analytical capabilities was also an obstacle to our business development: we thought about using Google Sheets and transferring some data there, but it was too complicated.

Finally we decided to search specifically for a ticket management system. We used basic Google search looking for “Top 10 Helpdesk systems” kind of advice. Of course, we saw both Freshdesk and Zendesk, and they both have about 80% customer satisfaction rate. Still, Freshdesk fit our needs better and was cheaper as well.

Some time ago I worked with Kayako. I can say that Freshdesk is much simpler for agents who don’t have any profound technical knowledge. As a cloud solution, Freshdesk also allows us to integrate other services to our work. There’s even an app marketplace for that. 

As for the downsides of Freshdesk, the system doesn’t allow independent work with databases. Self-made SQL queries would be useful, but it’s not possible with Freshdesk. Anyway, there are still broad reporting capabilities with Freshdesk Analytics.

How we work with Freshdesk:

We use Freshdesk together with Freshchat and our own call center: clients contact us through these channels to solve their issues, find track numbers and so on. We also frequently use Telegram integration with Freshchat and Freshdesk for internal tickets. For example, a warehouse employee sends a picture of a package through Telegram, which automatically transforms into Freshchat conversation and then into Freshdesk ticket that is further processed by our agents.

Currently our support department is not divided into lines: we feel that any agent should be ready to work on any issue, with a rare exception for some employees who have specific knowledge about certain delivery companies or VIP clients. Such tickets automatically get assigned to them. In the future we might introduce different support lines and groups for certain issues.

As for the client side, we really love the client portal and knowledge base, where we share FAQs and articles. Clients can search the portal on their own, which reduces the strain on the support department. The portal is also connected to Google Analytics allowing us to work with SEO and save money on Google Ads. 

Our main support channel is Freshchat. Clients, specifically from Ukraine, are used to simply sending a message in live chat, rather than contacting us via email. If these questions require some additional research, we create a Freshdesk ticket and then contact clients via email.

As we work internationally, we try to make our CX universally comfortable. For example, our clients from Belarus love Telegram as a support channel, but we also plan to integrate WhatsApp, because some of the clients prefer it as their communication channel.

We also provide phone support and have tried different integrations of call center and Freshdesk. One of them was Zadarma system, which offers an app available at Freshworks Marketplace. We canceled our subscription some time ago and are currently planning to try Freshdesk Contact Center, which will allow us to integrate IVR, call routing and send missed call notifications to Freshdesk.

One of the most used features is client portal, where agents create knowledge base articles based on tickets from their usual admin profiles: there’s no need for logging on to somewhere else. Agents also love ticket filtering, which makes their work more convenient and efficient. Filters can be created by any agent and used to find specific information about clients, delivery systems, previous tickets, etc.

Analytic reports are a great feature: we mostly track unresolved ticket volume and agent productivity. We also use automations such as auto resolution, auto assignment of tickets to certain groups, auto responses and internal automations.

Plans for the future:

Freshdesk fully covers our needs for today. As for future plans, we want to expand our support channel system by adding WhatsApp and Freshdesk Call Center. We are also eager to try customization and AI bots.

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