How Searchanise decreased AHT by 30% with Freshdesk

Searchanise and Freshdesk case study

About us:

Searchanise provides an all-in-one product filter and search solution to improve online stores’ conversion rate. The company was founded in 2013, and has since grown to help more than 14 000 clients and process 1B search queries per month. Searchanise boasts a flexible approach and quality 24/7 customer support. Some of the company’s clients include Decathlon, Media Markt and Durex.

Our philosophy: 

Most of our clients are online shop owners. They contact our support if they have troubles installing or working with our app, and we are there to help. We follow the philosophy of a satisfied customer: the client might not always be right, but they definitely have to be happy with our service. This is especially important in case of loyal long-time customers. 

We also like to remind ourselves that every client is a human being with specific needs and it is our goal to fulfill these needs as well as possible. We are very flexible with our product and always try our best to create some solution or workaround to satisfy the customer. We provide on-the-spot customization by creating tickets describing the required modifications, and support tier 2 works on them to create a solution as fast as possible. If we see that some functionality is in high demand from at least a few customers, we create a feature request for our developers, who then proceed to work on new features. For example, we have worked on custom widget branding and search configuration per requests of our customers.

Our support department structure:

We have a large-scale international client support system. There are two tiers: the first one handles tickets and sends some of them to the tier 2, which works as a tech department with access to code and databases for a broader view and more technical support possibilities. The first tier is, of course, a bigger team, as they process and resolve most of the tickets, while tier 2 is responsible for working on more complex solutions without the need to contact our IT specialists. Our support team resolves more than 200 tickets per week.

Freshdesk and its integrations:

We have been working with Freshdesk through Swedbyte for a very long time, more than 5 years, so it is safe to say we are content with the product. Our employees constantly study Freshdesk updates and work on configuring the system as the functionality is ever evolving, and per their opinion, Freshdesk is easy to understand and work with.  

Of course, there are a few integrations with other services. For example, we use an integration with Slack (mostly for notifications about customer responses) and an internal integration with the system control panel. This internal integration helps us automatically connect the information about clients to their tickets via scripts added to Tampermonkey extension for a faster and more efficient workflow. Overall, we regard Freshdesk as more of a standalone system tailored specifically for the needs and requirements of our client support.

Favorite features: 

Our most used feature is hands-down Freshdesk Analytics. We use it for all kinds of analytical research, both for client behavior and for assessment of employee performance and well-being. It really helps us stay on top of the work processes and key metrics such as resolution time or first response time. Every KPI in our system is assigned one or more reports to track down any fluctuations. By using a combination of built-in and custom reports we ensure a glance into every part of our workflow. 

Analytics is important for our strategic planning and decision making. For example, around a year ago we were working on our SLA, and Freshdesk reports proved to be a vital instrument in the process. We compared data from various time periods, identified and analyzed issues, worked on old tickets, and, in the end, our first response time dropped from 1000 minutes to just 60 – a great result!

Another feature we like is advanced filtering. With simple filters it was easy to lose track of some of the tickets, but now we see the most urgent requests at the top of the list and resolve high-priority tickets first. It helped us reduce AHT by 30% for some of the tickets, and this, of course, is great news for our customers.

What’s next:

For us, everything currently works well with Freshdesk. It is a simple yet sophisticated solution with plenty of updates and rapid development. This is a great competitive advantage compared to some of the competitors, such as Zendesk, where solutions can feel outdated and underdeveloped. Freshdesk’s customization possibilities are also much better than those of its competitors. 

As for the future plans, we are just starting to use Freshchat, so we are going to further work on chatbots and AI conversation enhancers. Another idea we have is to start using Freshcaller for phone support, but this is probably a more distant future for us. Overall, we like Freshdesk and working with Swedbyte, so we are ready for more Freshworks products to come our way. 

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