We are the Freshworks CX strategic partner of the year in the EU!

CX award for Swedbyte

Swedbyte has been selected as the CX Strategic partner of the year in the EU by Freshworks. This is a great honor and a huge motivational point for us to grow further. We’ve asked our channel manager from Freshworks and the Freshworks team lead here at Swedbyte a few questions about the award and the plans that lie in the future of Swedbyte. 


Vatsal Tanna, channel manager, Freshworks

Q: What kind of criteria did Freshworks follow to select the winner of this award?

Vatsal: The selection process for the CX Strategic Partner of the Year award was both rigorous and comprehensive, reflecting our dedication to recognizing truly exceptional partners. Out of more than 500 partners globally, we sought to identify those who not only excelled in delivering innovative solutions but also demonstrated an unwavering commitment to customer success.

The criteria we followed when we chose Swedbyte included:

  • Revenue Impact: Contribution to annual recurring revenue (ARR) was a significant factor. Partners who not only achieved but also surpassed revenue goals were given particular consideration.
  • Customer Base Growth: The ability to significantly expand the customer base for Freshworks products, evidenced by both the number of new customers acquired and the overall enhancement of customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Innovative Solutions: The development and implementation of innovative solutions that leverage Freshworks technology to address complex customer needs, improve efficiency, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.
  • Strategic Alignment: Alignment with Freshworks’ values and strategic goals, including a commitment to fostering long-term customer relationships, innovating continuously, and contributing to the Freshworks community.

Q: What has made Swedbyte special?

Vatsal: Swedbyte distinguished itself in several key areas:

  • Revenue Contribution: With an impressive revenue sourced from Freshdesk last year, Swedbyte significantly impacted our business and demonstrated exceptional sales excellence.
  • Expansive Customer Base: Managing several hundred customers with Freshworks for Freshdesk and generating a large-scale total book of business highlighted Swedbyte’s capability to scale and effectively manage large, diverse customer portfolios.
  • Strategic Impact: Swedbyte’s strategic approach to integrating Freshworks solutions into their offerings has not only enriched the customer experience, but also reinforced the value of our partnership.

Q: What kind of further plans do you have for your partnership with Swedbyte?

Looking forward, we are excited about the prospects of our continued collaboration with Swedbyte. Our shared goals for the future include:

  • Further Expansion: Continuing to grow our customer base, particularly by leveraging Swedbyte’s expertise to penetrate new markets and sectors where our combined offerings can address untapped customer needs.
  • Innovation and Solution Development: Working closely to co-develop new solutions and services that can bring even greater value to our customers, leveraging the latest technologies and insights from our partnership.
  • Strategic Initiatives: Engaging in joint strategic initiatives that can further our mission of delivering exceptional customer experiences, including community engagement, thought leadership, and sustainability efforts.


Joakim Moberg, CRO and Freshworks team lead, Swedbyte

Q: Why is this award important for Swedbyte?

Joakim: For Swedbyte, this is an important recognition of our work from Freshworks. It proves the hard work everyone at Swedbyte put in everyday provides impressive results. Of course, this is something that is noticed both by our customers and by Freshworks. It is a great moment for our employees to be proud of what we do everyday and also a great opportunity to relish our strong partnership with Freshworks.

Q: What kind of further plans do you have for our partnership with Freshworks?

Joakim: We have a huge list of plans for 2024, but mostly, of course, to grow even more and to create more value for our customers. We will not only maintain our deep expertise in all Freshworks products, but also expand in new markets. With the great support of our channel manager Vatsal we look forward to an exciting agenda for this year. Swedbyte has delivered projects in 42 countries, added a lot of value to the echo system and developed many of the top Marketplace apps. We stay committed to Freshworks and wish them to increase their market share with our expertise.

Q: What is special about Swedbyte’s expertise in CX?

Joakim: Our strength is that we have not only a deep understanding of the products, but also a team of consultants who have a deep experience in helping customers with relieving their pain points and making their business more profitable. We will continue to develop more concepts around the platform that supports our customers’ business. Freshworks products are proven to give our customers value for their money in their daily business, and that is why we love them.

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