Anatomy of work 2022

Clash between work cultures, lack of coordination in work, increasing workload on staff. What is required of organizations, teams and employees to succeed in 2022?

Two years ago, COVID-19 changed both the world and the way we work. The balance between work and leisure, which we previously defined by how many hours we spent at work in relation to how much free time we had at home, took on a whole new meaning. And we can be sure that more changes await. Leaders must not only adapt to this new reality, but also learn to thrive with it.

Meet the new agile era

Asana interviewed 10,624 global employees to find out what’s working—and not working—in their organizations. Everything they learned is in the full report.

Key takeaways:

42% of workers experience burnout and the imposter syndrome at the same time. 40% of workers believe that burnout is an inevitable part of success.

Employees miss 15% of their deadlines. Why is it so hard to meet them? 24% of employees believe that too many meetings are a direct cause of missed deadlines.

Employees switch between 9 apps up to 25 times per day. An over-reliance on apps leads to lower efficiency, more missed messages and more work hours.

The goal is maximum transparency in processes. 7 out of 10 employees believe that clear workflows and precise tasks help them achieve their goals. Tools for process management and team coordination are more important than ever for success and stable operations.

Download the full Anatomy of Work Index 2022 to learn how teams and organizations can get their work in order and adapt to “the new normal” and thrive.