Instagram App Installation and Use
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Instagram App Installation and Use



  1. You will need to have a Facebook page, connected to an Instagram Business Account.
  2. Your Instagram Business Account should have at least 1 published post.

Connect the Facebook Page to the Instagram Business Account

  1. Go to your Page’s Settings and click Instagram, then log into your Instagram account.


  2. If the account is not an Instagram Business Account, you will be prompted to set up your Business Profile.


    Continue through the steps to convert the account to an Instagram Business Account. When you are done, you will have successfully connected the Page to the Instagram Business Account.

Usage Recommendations

  1. Do not delete Instagram post-related tickets.
  2. Do not delete posts on Instagram that have already been imported into Freshdesk as tickets.
  3. Be sure to update the app’s settings if any changes to required Freshdesk ticket fields happen. Otherwise, new tickets (based on Instagram posts or comments) will not be created.



Once you click the install button, you will be redirected to Facebook and asked to approve the required permissions as on the screenshots below.



Once you approve all required permissions, you will be redirected back to the app’s installation page.


On the installation page you will see three input fields:

  • Freshdesk address — your Freshdesk account’s default domain, most commonly in the following format: Please, do not insert any protocol identifiers (https:// or http://).
  • Freshdesk API Key — your account API Key. How to find your API key
  • Default Tickets Requester’s Email — this email will be used to specify the requester for all Instagram-related Freshdesk tickets.


Once you fill these fields, click the Authorize button below them. The entered credentials will be validated. In case they are not valid, corresponding notifications will be displayed. Otherwise, the final setup section will be displayed — Required Fields Setup.


In this section you will need to configure default values required for creating new tickets in your Freshdesk account.

Be sure to try to scroll down this section — some fields may seem to be hidden at first sight depending on your browser window size.

Once ready, click the install button and you’re done!

Using the App


  • The app creates Freshdesk tickets based on the Instagram post as closed ones.
  • If there is new activity (comments/replies) related to a particular Instagram post, relevant Freshdesk ticket’s status will be changed to «Open».

First Import

After the first import only the last 25 Instagram posts will be imported into your Freshdesk account as tickets.

After successful installation, there are two ways to create Instagram post based Freshdesk tickets.

  1. Manual Import
    1. Visit any existing Freshdesk ticket and open the Instagram app on the ticket top navigation bar.


    2. Click the “Check for Updates” button.


    3. The first time import will start. Once it is finished, you will see the following message:


  2. Automatic Import

    Just wait for 5 minutes and the Instagram app will import the last 25 posts automatically, in case you have not executed the first time import before manually.

Once the First Import has been finished successfully, there are two possible app interfaces you may see when the app is launched.

  1. Launching the app on a Freshdesk ticket, not related to an Instagram post

    You will see the menu, that contains a grid of thumbnails of imported posts from Instagram as Freshdesk tickets.

    Each thumbnail is a link to a Freshdesk ticket, related to a particular Instagram post.

    If more than 12 Instagram posts have been imported, page navigation buttons will be shown (12 thumbnails per page).


  2. Launching the app on a Freshdesk ticket, related to an Instagram post

    You will see the comments page. In case there are no comments to an Instagram post, nothing will be rendered.


    If there are comments under this Instagram post, then they will be displayed.

    The order is as follows:

    1. Newest comments are on the top.
    2. Newest replies are on the bottom.

    This way each comment is some kind of a branch/discussion thread.


    In both cases the navigation bar will contain the tab switcher between the comments page and the menu.

Comments Management


You can filter comments by time or by text.

When filtered by text, the matched symbols will be highlighted. It is possible to filter by comments’ texts and by comments’ authors’ usernames, too.
If there is a match by time or by text found in either a comment or a reply, the whole comment’s discussion branch/thread will be displayed in order to see the context of the matched message.



When a comment/reply is hovered by mouse, two action buttons appear next to it:

  1. Reply to a comment/reply
  2. Create a new ticket based on a comment/reply


Reply to a comment/Reply button

When clicked, a text box will appear with two buttons next to it: «Send reply» or «Cancel». The username of the author of the comment/reply you are replying to will be inserted automatically into the text box.

It is possible to reply to both comments and replies.


Once the «Send reply» button is clicked, the following will happen:

  1. A reply will be posted.

  2. Applied filters will be reset.

  3. A private note containing the text of the submitted reply will be created.


  4. The ticket’s status will not be changed (see the «Checking for Updates» article).

Create a new ticket based on a comment/reply

Once the «Create new ticket based on a comment/reply» is clicked, the following will happen:

  1. A new comment-based ticket will be created.

  2. The app’s status will be sent to «Created new ticket №1234», and the number will be a clickable link to this created ticket.


Comment-based Tickets

Comment-based tickets are different from post-based tickets in the following way:

  1. Their Subject will start with «Comment:» instead of «Post:».

  2. Their Subject and Description will contain the comment’s text they are based on.

  3. They will have an additional ticket tag «Instagram Comment».

  4. They will be created as a Freshdesk ticket with status «Open», not «Closed».


Checking for Updates

The term «Updates» means new Instagram posts and new activity under Instagram posts (new comments or replies).

When a new Instagram post is found, a new ticket based on this post will be created.
When a new comment/reply is found under an Instagram post, ticket’s status will be changed to «Open». However, if a reply is created by an agent from this Instagram integration app, the ticket’s status will not be changed.

There are two different ways the app can search for updates:

  1. Manually, by clicking the «Check for Updates» button.

    As a result, a relevant status will be displayed.


    Amount of opened tickets = amount of tickets with new activity (comments/replies).

    Amount of created tickets = amount of imported tickets based on new Instagram posts.

  2. Automatically, by the app itself every 5 minutes.


  1. My Freshdesk Tickets’ required properties have been updated, but there is an error message when I try to check for updates or no new Instagram post-based ticket get created, but new Instagram posts have been created. How can I fix this?

    1. Go to Admin -> Apps -> Instagram
    2. Click the «Reauthorize» button. Be sure you are logged in in the same Facebook account as you had logged in during the installation!


    3. If the app’s settings do not load automatically, close the settings page and try step №2 again. This is a Freshdesk known bug.


    4. Click the «Update Credentials» button.
    5. Set new required ticket fields.
    6. Click «Save» button in the top left corner of the settings page.
  2. How can I see the app’s automatic (serverless) logs?

    1. Go to Admin -> Apps -> Instagram
    2. Click the «Reauthorize» button. Be sure you are logged in in the same Facebook account as you had logged in during the installation!


    3. Select the «Serverless logs» tab

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