Instagram App Installation and Use
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Instagram App Installation and Use

Installing the app

1. Installation Settings

Once you install the app from the Marketplace, you’ll be seeing an app installation page.  Please enter your Freshdesk API Key. You can find it on the right side of your Freshdesk profile page. Please make sure that this API key belongs to the Admin profile with full privileges. Instructions on how to find your API key can be found here.

You may also select the priority for the tickets that will be created from your Instagram posts, as well as choose if you want to add Instagram hashtags as tags to your ticket. By default any Instagram ticket will get «Instagram» tag (even if No is selected).


2. Instagram Authorization

After installation page you will be redirected to Instagram authorization page (if you are not logged in yet) where you should enter your Instagram login and password. You will also see a confirmation screen where you grant app’s access to your Instagram data.


3. Finishing the Installation

If your login and password were correct you will return to Freshdesk and will see a message on the top of the page: “App installed successfully.”

Next steps

4. Entering Values for Required Fields

Open any ticket after installation. If you have any required fields in your Freshdesk account, you will see the installation block and the app will suggest to enter some values. Please enter what values will be used to fill in the mandatory fields for your Instagram tickets and click «Save». If the values are correct, the app will create a test ticket with the «Closed» status. After that the Instagram widget will appear only on Instagram related tickets.


5. Creating New Instagram Ticket

After creating a new post in Instagram you should open any Instagram ticket (you may use test ticket for the first time. Please note that it has a status “Closed”) and click “Check for updates”. The app will find all your new posts and will create new tickets in Freshdesk. You will see a notice message on the top of the ticket page with ID of new ticket.

7. Working with comments

Every Instagram ticket has “Show comments” button. It will show all comments to the corresponding post. You can reply to any comment directly from the app, or convert comments to new, separate tickets by clicking the corresponding button next tot he comment.
If you finished working with the ticket you may set the status as Closed. After some time you may click “Check for updates” button and if last 30 posts have new comments, the status of the corresponding ticket in the Freshdesk will be updated to Open.

Please remember, that at the moment in order to create new tickets from posts and update the comments on existing tickets, you would need to click «Check for updates».

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