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A cloud-based helpdesk to support your clients


More than 80,000 companies around the world have organized their customer support through Freshdesk

Why do you need it?

This functional and flexible help-desk system will allow you to make the disorganised process of supporting your customers clear and controlled.

You will be able to effectively process tickets, regardless of where they have been received: email, website, phone, chat, mobile app, Facebook or Twitter. Additionally, you can easily create a user-friendly self-service portal and knowledge base.

Ultimately, Freshdesk helps improve the satisfaction of your customers, and allows you the opportunity to support your work effectively and transparently.

Does Freshdesk suit me?

If you are working with tickets for service or support for your customers, and you want the cooperation to result in only positive emotions and increased loyalty to your brand, then yes, Freshdesk is for you!

Here are the advantages stated by users of Freshdesk:

  • It is easy to start, learn and use daily.
  • Configurable support processes, depending on your business needs.
  • Great automations.
  • Easy creation of a knowledge base or forum for customers.
  • Functional motivation of support agents.
  • Inexpensive and functional.

Effective collaboration (teamwork) on tickets

Freshdesk allows you to effectively organize the work of the whole support team. Every email sent to your email support, automatically becomes a ticket in the system.

You can easily categorize and prioritize tickets, and assign them to responsible agents. Therefore, you don’t need to worry that responses from various agents on the same ticket will create any confusion.



Support from mobile devices

Apps for iPhone and Android allow you to help your customers, even if you are not in front of your computer.

See the ticket, change its properties, respond to customers, or add comments for your colleagues.

In addition, you can always go to the mobile HTML5 version of Freshdesk through the web browser of virtually any device.

Multi-channel support

Freshdesk enables you to centrally manage all your communications with customers. Each client will be able to get your help conveniently, when they need it.

You can accept tickets from a variety of email addresses, via Facebook or Twitter, through the submittal form on your website, or chat, which can be installed on the site, on the support portal or directly in your mobile application.

Powerful reporting

Freshdesk offers up to 16 different types of reports. This allows you to set clear goals and track relevant metrics.

You can track the performance of your support on different levels: from a particular agent to the operation of the service as a whole. A detailed analysis of all aspects of support (for example, the number of iterations of a ticket, the average time taken for the closing of a ticket, or the average response time for the first action taken upon any ticket) will identify weaknesses, and in time will identify measures to improve efficiency.

Integration with Google Apps

If you, like us, use Freshdesk and Google Apps, your specialists can use a variety of opportunities for integration.

They are the synchronization of your client’s contacts, synchronization with Google Calendar, integration of Google Drive, and even the use of Freshdesk widget in Gmail. So, having got an email notification from Freshdesk in Gmail, you won’t need to leave your inbox and yet will still be able to get all the information of this ticket, including the customer contacts, and even any previous ticket submitted by the client.

In addition, your agents will be able to enter Freshdesk simply using their Google Apps accounts.



Tariff plans differ on the functionality which is included.

Choose a tariff plan that is suitable for you.



per agent per month, up to 3 agents.
Each additional agent — $15 per month


per agent per month, or
$192 per agent per year


per agent per month, or
$300 per agent per year


per agent per month, or
$480 per agent per year

Most popular


per agent per month, or
$840 per agent per year


More than 80,000


Why Swedbyte

Swedbyte is the exclusive partner of Freshdesk in the Nordics and CIS, and our objectives are to:

  • Advise on all issues, and provide Freshdesk demos.
  • Assist in implementation, configurations and support.
  • Enable local billing.

Let’s go!

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