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Freshdesk & Instagram Integration

Support your customers via Instagram right from your Freshdesk


Basing on the requests from many Freshdesk customers, Swedbyte has developed a Freshdesk App that allows support agents to stay on top of their Instagram customer communication without ever leaving Freshdesk.

Automatically create tickets from Instagram posts, collect all the comments right into the ticket, filter them by date or content, reply to the comments from the ticket in Freshdesk, and create separate tickets basing on certain comment.

Create a new ticket with Instagram post content

The application checks for new posts in Instagram and if there is one — creates the ticket in Freshdesk. You will be able to observe all the comments to the post inside such ticket.

You’ll get all the necessary information like username and time, when the comment was created. In addition to the comment, the name of the user who left it and the time when the comment was created is also displayed.

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Filter comments

The application allows you to so simplify the work with post comments by filtering them by time created or certain content.

A separate ticket for important comments

If one of the comments deserves special attention, you can create a new ticket out of it, and assign it to a different agent or group.

For instance, you can create a new ticket to be assigned to Sales group out of a pricing question in the comment to your post.


Reply to Instagram comments in Freshdesk

Reply to comments right from Freshdesk

Never leave your helpdesk to answer the question to your Instagram post, be it availability, delivery or pricing inquiry.

Your answer will be stored as comment in the ticket, so your colleagues can be informed and aware about it.

How to get the app

To get your Freshdesk integrated with Instagram, please install the Instagram integration app into your Freshdesk account from Freshdesk Marketplace.

Please find the instructions for installation and use here. For any questions please feel free contact us:


$35 /account*/month

* — account means your Freshdesk subscription from Blossom tariff and above.

Payment can be settled via credit card or bank transfer.