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Freshdesk GDPR Assistant

Freshdesk GDPR Assistant

Keep your Freshdesk account GPDR compliant in a simple and effective way.

To satisfy demands of modern information regulation rules, Swedbyte has developed a Freshdesk Application that will take care of the most valuable components of GDPR compliance strategy — collecting and timely deleting personal user’s information.

GDPR Assistant creates PDF User-related Data Reports by a single click and removes outdated User’s Data from your Freshdesk account automatically according to adjustable rules.

Automatic deletion of outdated User’s data

When you have a lot of Contacts on your Freshdesk account it’s hard to manually «hard delete» each one who is outdated according to GDPR requirements.

GDPR Assistant will perform the automatic deletion of Contacts and Tickets based on its activity after a specified amount of time.

Automatic deletion of outdated User’s data

Adjustable rules for scheduled deletion

Adjustable rules for scheduled deletion

To customize your automatic deletion process you can define a set of Custom Filters. They represent additional rules that will work on the top of basic autodeletion settings. Custom Filters Rules will be applied only to particular Contacts or Tickets which will meet a match between specified field and value.
You can build your own stack of rules to delete some resources earlier or protect them from deletion entirely.

Creating a PDF User Data Report in single click.

According to GDPR, any user can request the complete information stored about him on a particular website. It’s quite hard to gather that kind of info manually. GDPR Assistant can create PDF reports with all details about user’s data across the Freshdesk system in one click.

Adjust the Roles which could have access to the User’s Data Report feature to prevent unauthorized User’s Data collection.

Also, the App has a single-click «Purge User Records» button, to be able to completely remove a single Contact.



Auto-generated PDF has UTF-8 support and optimised for email send.

The User’s Data Report created by GDPR Assistant is a UTF-8 supported PDF document. It’s editable, printable and optimized for email sending.
The pages numbers in the contents are clickable to jump to the corresponded page.



GDPR Assistant works on Front-End for «User’s Data Report» module and on Backend for «Automatic User Deletion» part.
You can configure the application in one place at the Application Settings section.
The only field that mandatory is API key which requires system privilege to be able to perform the deletion operations for Contacts and Tickets.

1. API key of Account Admin or any other role that permit to make deletion of Contacts and Tickets(mandatory)
2. Agent roles who will have access to generate GDPR reports and Purge user’s data by a single click.
3. Automatic deletion «time ranges» for not being active Contacts and Tickets.
4. Set of Custom Filter Rules, which give the ability to create specific exceptions in the deletion process for Contacts and Tickets.


Custom Filter Rules Examples

If you need to never delete Contact which will have an email on «» domain, you should set the Custom Filter Rule:

Filter «Contact» by «Email domain» : «» delete after «Never»

GDPR Assistant will apply ALL the rules, and in case of conflicting conditions will execute the latest (with the greatest number, lowest in the table) applicable rule. So, the latest rule has an overwriting priority.

Automatic deletion log

To be able to watch what’s happening on the backend of automatic delition process please, check out the Serverless Logs which descibes the decigion of the GDPR Assistant which resource to delete.


Non-deletable resources

Please, note that recurring updates of any Tickets will defend both Tickets and its author Contact from auto-deletion.
This is because no Contact could be deleted if he has at least one active (not-outdated) Ticket.
The automatic deletion based on ‘update_at’ state of the ticket. Eventually, if the agent or some dispatcher/observer rule would cause repetitive ticket updates, then ticket (and his author Contact) might be never automatically deleted by GDPR Assistant.

Required Time for deletion process

User deletion process is time dependent. There is a rate limit of requests per minute per app per account. If your Freshdesk has a lot of outdated users, it might take some time to delete a queue of them. Currently, there are only around 25 deletions available in one minute. If there are approximately 1000 outdated Contacts on your Freshdesk, it will take:

  • — 30 min for 750 contacts
  • — 1 hour for 1500 contacts in an hour
  • — 1 day for 36 000 contacts


How to get the app

If you would like to start using the app right now, we’d be happy to configure it for your account individually. Please sign-up for a beta, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.


$35 /account*/month

* — account means your Freshdesk subscription from Blossom plan and above.

Payment can be settled via credit card or bank transfer.